Bike project NUK Tempelhof

Every Thursday 1-7pm in Hangar 1 (tentaja)

Bike project NUK Tempelhof in cooperation with THFwelcome: Together with the refugees, we also repair bicycles and make them safe for riding. For the refugees these bicycles are very useful, because they have the possibility to overcome the isolation in the hangars and participate in the urban life – whether for the road to work, to school, to meet friends and relatives or simply take an ride.

With metal sponges and creep oil, we clean out rusty parts and make them standard, patch hoses or mount new brakes. Additional tools, unused wheel or wheel parts can be brought to the former airport.

At the moment the bike workshop takes place every Thursday from 1 to 7pm in Hangar 1 (tentaja). You are welcome to visit and join us.

We are looking forward to everyone who wants to get involved: