Mentorship program FriendsNow

Meeting Berliners, getting to know the city and move around to see its beautiful sides – that’s what many New-Berliners would like.

That is why we started the program FriendsNow – a cooperation of Asdiqa-Paten für Geflüchtete, GermanNow and THFwelcome.

With FriendsNow, you can start a Patenschaft – which can basically include everything from common activities around sports, music, arts or helping to find a flat in Berlin – for one or up to three New-Berliners. Per Patenschaft, you can get  funding of 20 euros per month so that you can go out and get started with your activities together. Also, we will invite you to workshops and group activities like concerts and kayaking.

You can start a Patenschaft with New-Berliner that you allready know or let FriendsNow find someone where you both feel comfortable. Everything you need is a little time – basically between two and four times.

For more info please contact us at