THFwelcome  e.V. is a young, creative  non-profit organisation at Tempelhof airport. We started in 2016, when we organised together with refugees, who lived in the hangars of Tempelhof airport, many projects to welcome and integrate them best possible in our local community.

It was our determined aim to support them on their ways out of isolation into a self-determined life.


In October 2015, a decision was made by the Berlin Senate to open the hangars of the former Tempelhof Airport to accomodate newly arriving refugees in Berlin. From the very beginning it was a difficult task since a hangar is not an appropriate shelter for people.

Therefore, neighbors and friends wanted to make a contribution to relief the distress of the refugees in the hangars. With the help of a quickly created Facebook account “Tempelhof Hilft”, volunteers opened a distribution of used clothes (“Kleiderkammer”). Shortly after this first initiative other projects joined in.

THFwelcome e.V. was founded in 2016 to give our voluntary work a formal frame. Under the umbrella of this non-profit organisation various activities were and still are connected, coordinated and managed.

Although the emergency shelter (NUK) was closed in December 2017, the Ankunftszentrum (First Registration) still exists in the hangars.

And we continue our work with and for refugees and migrants, who live in our local community!


We at THFwelcome e.V. strongly support the human right to asylum. We provide refugees with humanitarian assistance. We try to connect them with the local community and to support them on their way to full integration.

We consider THFwelcome e.V. as a political initiative to make a stand against racism, discrimination, and all negative media representations of refugees.