THF Café

Tempelhof hilft

Current opening hours: Mon, Thu closed. Wed, Thu & Sat 1-7pm, Fri 12am-9pm and Sunday Bazaar: 1-4pm.

All monthly events can be found in our calendar here.

Since the end of April, the “THF Café” is located in hangar 1 of the emergency shelter of the former Tempelhof airport. This was initiated, built and designed jointly by our association and residents of the emergency accommodation within a month. The café is organized and operated together from a 10-strong core team of (former) residents and volunteer supporters.

We want to enable a low-threshold meeting place for refugees, Berliners, interested parties and volunteers. The meeting café will thus become a place of exchange, “getting to know each other”, but should also offer plenty of room for creativity.

The current political developments, especially the announced closure of the accommodation at the former Tempelhof Airport in the summer of 2017, present some challenges for us as a local association. The hitherto unclear temporal processes require special flexibility from us to ensure the long-term and sustainable planning of our work. Nevertheless, we are in the first place to welcome the fastest possible closure of the accommodation in order to finally end the difficult housing situation in the hangars. We see the developments as an opportunity to further develop our association work and the already established meeting place – the THFcafé – and to implement it in the long term.

If you would like to use the THFCafé for your own events, please write to:
The café is located in Hangar 1 next to the former wardrobe. A direct route is available here.

So join us! The café is located in Hangar 1.

Further impressions of construction and the opening of the café on 28th April 2016 you will find in our Blog.