Distribution of Used Clothes

* The Distribution of Used Clothes closed in September 2017 *

The “Kleiderkammer” was the cradle of  THFwelcome e.V.  — Everything started here! When day after day hundreds of refugees arrived in Berlin, many of them stranded at Tempelhof airport, often without any goods and chattel, hardly dressed properly for the weather conditions in late October 2015.

In order to help them, we – a large group of neighbors and friends – set up a distribution of used clothes. About 50 volunteers worked at the shelter on a daily basis to provide the residents of the shelter with clean and proper clothes.

Volunteer-planner.org was very helpful to gather volunteers to collect, sort and distribute garments for/ to refugees – even on holidays like Christmas and Easter.

From the beginning onwards, the “Kleiderkammer” was a meeting place for residents and volunteers – and became the core of our initiative to create a café!

There were funny useless things among the donations… so we initiated fleamarkets to sell these things and used the revenues to buy badly needed items like underware and socks for the “Kleiderkammer”! These events were highlights and always welcome opportunities to interrupt the daily routine at the shelter.