Clothing distribution and storage

The wardrobe is the cradle of Tempelhof Hilft and THFwelcome – here everything started at the end of October 2015. Daily, up to 50 volunteers were giving out the clothing to the resident of the former Tempelhof airport. The group of those helpers of the first hour are today’s shift leaders or coordinators. The pragmatic solutions of the beginnings have become a well-oiled system of donation and distribution, which we are continuously developing. We ensure the fair distribution of the products through a specially developed voucher system. The distribution room has become a meeting place for residents and helpers, which is precisely what we are doing: an unbiased coexistence, an open approach and a daily horizon extension.

The closing distribution and storage will stay closed until further notice. 

Please note: Among the received donations were things that we could not use. However, in order for it to benefit the refuggees, we had BAZAARs at the THFcafé. The revenues support our projects.
Thanks for your support!