Update III: Report for the former Tempelhof airport

You’ve been asking yourself who lives inside the hangars?
Later then usual, we share some up-to-date statistics about the refugee camp at Tempelhof Airport to keep you updated and give you an insight about the current situation….

Statistics from 28/02*:

  • Currently 667 refugees are living inside the hangars (total capacity of up to 2.194 people). In August 1.156 lived there.
  • Among the residents are 87 children (ages 0-12.) The current biggest group of residents are 28-54 years old (198 people).
  • Most of the people are from Afghanistan (261), Syria (163) and Irak (97).


*Due to the ongoing moving of refugees these numbers can vary by about +/- 5%

Image by Soli Remhof